Every ending is a new beginning

Kayla - Fleming Island, Florida
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyday when I wake up in the morning and as I go through my day, circumstances and changes occur when least expected. Even through the years, as I have grown to become the age of seventeen that I am now, so many times there have been changes that I have had to deal with; both good and bad. Changes that have brought me back to a belief of mine, that carries me through when I need it; “Every ending is a new beginning.” A certain circumstance, when this belief had great meaning to me, sticks out in my mind. It happened a year ago from today. My father’s best friend, a fatherly figure to me, passed away. This was very tragic and heartbreaking for my father, my family, his family; but especially for me. I looked up to this man, Kenny Hall, in so many ways. He was like a second father to me. He never lived a moment of his life unhappy. When he passed away, I felt like life was ending for more than just him. He had two little boys; one was four and one seven. Those boys and their mother cried and cried at the funeral. His boys carry a legend of Kenny inside them today; almost as a younger image of him. I thought to myself, if his boys can be strong, I have to be strong. I have to turn this tragedy into positive motivation; which is exactly what I did. I used his ending as a new beginning to my life. I learned that every moment in life must be appreciated, and none taken advantage of. He was a good man who died young, and unexpectedly. I realized anything of the sort could happen to anyone and anytime of the day. It taught me to not only appreciate the people I love, and the people who love me, but not to waste my time on those who do not care about me. I learned to focus on those who are my true friends, and disregard those who only know how to stab me in the back. I became more determined in school; deciding that no matter what, I would get into a University and I would do whatever it took to get there. I have grown to depend only on myself because I cannot risk losing something over the fault of someone else. Most of all, I have learn to live, love, and laugh as much as I can; not hold anything back or be afraid of an opportunity. Kenny inspired me, and because of him, my life has begun.