People should learn from their mistakes

Durrell - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“I Believe”

Any intelligent and reasonable person will not make the same mistake over and over again. There is no point to messing up because the first time should teach you. From common since you will most likely not make that same mistake another time. Your English teacher tells you to type a paper and double space it, but you forgot. When you receive your report, you have earned an “F”. If you do not double space on the second time it is your fault for not paying attention. The reason you learn from your mistakes is that you do not want to suffer the consequences for the second time. Another example is that on one school night, I decided not to go to sleep because I wanted to see my results. That was a mistake, for at school the next day, I had gone to sleep in every class I had. I did not learn or take notes in any of my classes. Since that day, I never slept late on a school night. I learned from my mistakes. If you do not learn from your mistakes, then you are not normal. Learn on the first time.