Judging People Is Wrong

Lyndsey - 98002, Washington
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I grew up in an apartment with my mom and my dad, and I don’t really remember all of the bad or good things that happened. But I remember when my dad left, I was about 7. He moved close to us but it was still out of my house and I didn’t quite understand why he left, but it was the one thing that happened that changed my life forever.

Early in my freshman year I started to hang out with different kinds of people. When I got to high school things got a little different and people that I wasn’t friends with I started talking to me. Now little did I know that my high school years would end up like this. Every single time that I talked to someone from my middle school years or even just someone that I met in that school, they would always be the ones to say “oh, you hang out with the Mexicans right?” And they would say it like it was something so terrible.

To me I honestly didn’t see that hanging out with the Mexicans, since I was white and Indian, that it really made an impact on how people viewed me, they judged every single thing I did. Now I didn’t realize this at the time it was happening because I really had to think about it and question why it was happening like this. I really didn’t get it! I thought that it was a good thing because it was more variety and honestly. That other people wouldn’t care because it wasn’t any of their business. I would always go out partying with them and always do things that were bad for a normal teenager. Not drugs or anything like that. But when I hung out with them, it gave me a place to be, somewhere where I belonged.

This also has affected how I see people these days because knowing that I’m most likely being judged every single day of my life and knowing that I don’t care it doesn’t make a difference. My life has changed drastically because of the people I hang out with and the choices I made in order to become a better person. I chose to not care what other people thought as well as what other people said about me, because to me it was my life, my choices and my decision whatever I was going to do with my life.

After 6 years, I have come to believe that people, especially teens, are very judgmental. When it comes to other teens or adults they have never met before, they tend to look at them differently because of what they heard, the people that they hang out with, and the hobbies and things that they were doing. I do believe that life is taken for granted by anyone who chooses to not want anything good for themselves such as not graduating high school, or even getting into college for that matter.

So it changed my whole view on life when I realized how I was being judged on who I hung out with and other things that wasn’t anyone else’s business. But I’ve learned that if people would stop judging everyone else and look at themselves for some help and try to improve on that, they would be better off as individuals. This I believe.