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David - auburn, Washington
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: addiction

My name is David Cabanas; I am a Mexican/Native and eighteen years old. Stuff I like to do for fun is I like to hang out with my friends and go bowling, movies, paintballing. I also like to go to eighteen and over casinos because I can play a lot of card games to win money. The number one thing that I like to do for fun is being with or around my family, they are my true heroes. No matter the situation, I will do anything for my family. I like to play video games; my favorite video games to play are action, casino games, puzzled and thriller. I also enjoy traveling to a lot of different states concerning my native culture. One of the many beautiful places I got to visit was to Hawaii, that was a very fun conference to go to there was a lot of people there I could meet and to talk about different colleges. Another place I got to go to was Reno Nevada. I went there for a youth conference in July it was a good experience for me because they taught me how to do cultural activities about my Native ways.

I grew up on the Muckleshoot reservation. I really like it around here because they teach me how my culture is. There is a majority of people in my tribe that haven’t lived around here until they knew we get money. I live with my Mom, dad, and my two brothers. They are so fun to be with, they mean they world to me. We like to travel to different place in the U.S. we own our own cleaning Business. That business gets our bills paid and helps out my grandma pay her bills and get her from point A to point B.

After 17 years, I have come to believe that people need not do do drugs, because they cant take care of them selves there kids or there family. I decided this was true when peopling in my communities start out using different substances very young. Recreational use quickly transforms into daily addictive use. These people usually end up dropped out, flunked out/ with kids at a young age not being able to take care of them selves or their family.

The lesson I learned from all of this was that I want to live a successful life and abusing drugs and alcohol is only an obstacle and anything is not going to help I’m prove my life I need to steer clear of. This has affected how I interact with family and communities members because some people I know choose to use alcohol or drugs and in order to reach my goals I need to stay away from these things.

I would like other people to recognize the consequences of drug addiction and alcoholism because my communities is offered a lot of opportunities that go untouched because people would rather drunk or high.