I Belive in Patriotism

Zachary - Orange Park, Florida
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in patriotism. Honor, pride, and duty to ones country has a great deal to do with this as well. At a very early age I was thrust into this belief due to almost all the men in my family being part of the military. They instilled in me the belief that my country is the greatest country on earth. I remember one day I woke up to my dad giving me a hug goodbye. When I watched him as he left my room he was dressed in his camo uniform. I wasn’t as much sad that he was leaving, it was more than that. I was proud to say that that man was my daddy. This is how I got the sense of pride for my country. Every time he would come home from being gone a couple of months I would ask the same question, “Were you scared”? Of course being the tough dad he always was he replied, “No”. He would always say that he knew what he was doing was right and that one day I would understand. But I already did. By doing what he was doing he was honoring me and my entire family. And one day when I was older I asked him why he went into the military and honor was the answer I got. I was told by him that one day he hoped I would go into the military. Not because he wanted me to go away to war. But because he wanted me to do the duty that I believe it is every Americans duty to do. As an American I want to protect our way of life, our people, and what I believe is right. I believe this is our duty. By serving my country with the pride and honor that the men and women in the armed forces do every day is the best way to show my true colors. I believe this is how I truly show how patriotic I am. Patriotism is what this country was built on and this is what I believe.