this i believe…

Nova - auburn, Washington
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in myself. My actions, thoughts, and beliefs join together to build my true character. I have learned to be more concerned about what my character turns out to be rather than my reputation. While your character defines who you are, your reputation is just simply what others think you are. It is the appearance you give off, not the thoughts that you feel. In our society, appearances influence the judgment of a person’s personality instead of the characteristics that you notice within that person.

My reputation consists of the way people see me. The places I go that have been labeled as a place only certain types of people may be seen. The way I dress, the home I come from, and maybe even the school I am attending, influence that part of prejudgment that I get off other people. If I was seen walking down the halls of my school with my books in hand and not making any unnecessary eye contact with anyone other than my close friends, I might have been known as the shy girl that keeps all of her feelings inside. If I looked in their perspective I would have probably said the same thing. That is what I have made of myself or of my appearance.

While all this prejudgment defines what people think I am, my true character lies within myself. No matter what the outside might show. There are times when a person will be judged on the way they look and act in instead of how they really are. I believe that you can never have the experience of getting to know a person before you actually make the time and effort to really get to know that person, and not take in what they give off as an appearance of themselves. It takes a lot of courage and multiple steps of trust followed by love and support from one another to get a person to show their real character to you. Many of people’s characters, including myself might be the complete opposite of what their reputation will show or what you once thought of that person. And I believe this applies for almost anyone. When it comes to school and other activities that your involved in to be socially active, everyone tries to fit in to those crowds, regarding how they really feel about a situation. Through out life you go to live up to different expectations of a lot of different people that you forget about how important your expectations should mean to yourself and not to the next person.

If you meet a person or even someone that you have known your whole life, take the extra time to get to know them, meet them at a place that the common expectations of life don’t apply. See how they react differently to how you once thought they would. It is a start to getting to know the true character of someone and not the reputation that they have. I believe that we can make a difference of our society by just saying hello and starting up a simple conversation with someone and getting their personality out of them with out all of the judgment.