The Yin and the Yang

bhalin - Venice, California
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe.

I believe in balance. Eastern Philosophy has taught for millennia of yin and yang – that there is respectively, a feminine and masculine essence that exists in all of us. I believe my masculine aggressiveness, the part that wants to smash an overhead hard for a winner is a yang moment for me. Or, lining someone up to deck them on the lacrosse field, is again a yang thing. In contrast, hitting the perfect touch drop shot where an almost daintiness is required feels very much yin. I believe the ability to hit both shots defines balance. Watching Tiger Woods nail a 350 yard tee shot, I would say is yang; watching him curl a 20 ft. downhill birdie putt is yin. This I believe to not be psycho-babble or ethereal. On the contrary, when I see my life through this lens, I find a personal truth.

This I believe to also be the great unsaid of a great nation that has lost its moral compass.

I believe this country is out of balance. Capitalism, the Republican party, and an enormous military representing the masculine, the yang, of this country have continued unchecked. When these masculine principles are out of balance with the feminine, I see a nation and myself out of balance and in upset – on the verge of bankruptcy literally and figuratively. I believe this country to be bigger, better than this. On the other hand, the government and the Democratic party represent the feminine or yin of this country for me. And, just like the out of control Republican masculine has lead to a collective imbalance, the Democratic feminine out of control may lead to a similar imbalance. The ancient sage Lao Tzu sums up my “This I Believe,” succinctly: “Know the masculine, keep to the feminine.” Now, the pendulum swings hard – to the left.

This I believe.

I believe in hope. Like Lincoln before him, in a country (still) divided by race, socio-economics, and two wars abroad, I live today in conditions manifest – the precipice of a perfect storm – for such a man to rise to this singular moment in this nation’s history. A man, perhaps of perfect balance, conceived out from this perfect crucible. And like Lincoln before him, now a hundred forty-eight years on, I believe I am to live and witness this yin and yang man lead this nation and myself to a greater purpose, a higher Self, a balanced Self, a balanced nation.

This I believe and hold to be true – “ONE NATION under God INDIVISIBLE for liberty and justice for all.”