A Hero is Made

Amanda - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Most people when asked “Who is your hero?” they say their mother or father. Well I thought the same thing. My parents do everything. They juggle their work lives and still find family time. My mom is giving, and is a leader. My dad is protective and funny. Yes, my parents are amazing and there are many more adjectives to describe them. I could never pick one parent over the other, yet my hero is one person.

It kills me to say this, with all stereotypes, but my hero is my brother, Chris. I never would have guessed, in all of our years of fighting, I would say that. Just last week I realized that I really look up to him. My brother is the one who made me strong. He made me tough. He made me, me. Although I didn’t like his methods of making me tough, it got me to where I am today.

Chris was always praised for something. In Elementary school he got almost every award. He participated in every contest, fundraiser, and activity. His room was full of ribbons. My brother’s artwork was displayed in the fifth grade hallways. Once he even had his art hung at the Kirby Smith Hall. In middle school he made straight A’s, and he never got in trouble. He excelled in core classes and joined the Mathletes club. His team when to Orlando to compete and placed second. In high school, he was heartthrob his junior year. He dual enrolls too.

My brother has had many great achievements. I look up to him for these reasons and many more. I also enjoy surpassing his accomplishments! It doesn’t happen often but when I do I scrapbook it! I too make outstanding grades. I too had my artwork “published” in a great auditorium. I too have many ribbons. I have even had more newspaper experiences. My brother does make me look good, but by setting the bar higher and higher, I really am a better person. Him setting that bar really high makes me want to excel past it even more. I am not saying he is a shrub in my garden of life but rather the water to make me grow. He isn’t a sail to push me, nor an anchor to hold me back, but rather a lighthouse to guide my way.