The Gray in Life

Cameron - Boonville, Indiana
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I firmly believe in the gray in life. I do not like the idea of someone telling me if I have to do something, or if I am not allowed to do something. In politics you could call me a more independent kind of guy. I try to look at both sides of the issue.

There are some people who are, as I say, “black and white” people. It is either one extreme or the other, and I can’t see how some people can be this way, but my mother is more of a “black and white” type of person. On the other hand, my father is more like me; he’s in the gray. Let me ask you this is adultery wrong? I believe that it is, I mean it says that right in the bible in the Ten Commandments: “Thou shall not commit adultery”, but are there exceptions? Can you think of any? I couldn’t either until I read this story. There was a woman with a husband and two children. Her and her children were being held at Auschwitz while her husband was somewhere else. She had no idea if he was even alive. A guard there really liked her and he told her that if she had sex with him then he would make sure her and her kids would be safe and well fed. She agreed to it. Now is that wrong? Well let me explain. The author’s point was that she did this out of love and ultimately when you do things out of love you cannot be sinning. You see, she did this for the safety of her children, and that makes what she did not wrong in my eyes.

In the end, there are still those, the “black and whites” that would still say this was wrong, and their argument is that she should have trusted God to get her through this and she should have let him save them. Looking at life from a “gray” standpoint I say that that was God giving her a way out. I believe God gives you opportunities; he doesn’t just do all the work for you. He wants you to make the decision for yourself. Yet, there is one thing I will say that I am “black and white” about, and that is love. You either have love or you do not have love, in this case there is no gray area. I believe love is “black and white” which makes everything that I look at in life, gray.