Communication- The Key To Life!

Kristina - corona, California
Entered on November 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that communication is the key to a good relationship. Communication is the key to love. Communication is the key to parenthood. Communication can save a life! I was taught at a young age to always have good communication with friends, family, and others. To always ask for help if something seems wrong, to always consult an adult. This was a lesson my whole family learned, and I came to understand and use to help others.

Vikas Kanda- RIP, September 1978- September 1996. He was my cousin, and he committed suicide on his eighteenth birthday. He was in love with a girl named Sonia. On Vick’s birthday Sonia told him that she was getting married to another man. Vick was upset, and warned her that he would not be present at her wedding. Vick asked his brother for a gun. Then sped off from his birthday party and never returned home. That night my family received a phone call from the Police Department, “We found your nephew dead in his car, he shot himself, he is no more. I am calling from Mr. Kewal Kanda‘s house and he would like for you to come to his home. ”After my cousin’s death all the parents in my family decided to have “talks” with their children. They stressed the need for communication in the family. This was by far the best lesson I could ever learn for I was able to help my friend keep her life.

I have a friend who always wrote wonderful poems, but I noticed they all spoke of death. I decided to ask her why she wrote so many sad poems. To my surprise she felt worthless, and unimportant. Her mother had her at age sixteen and she did not know who her real father was. She would try to speak to her mother, but since she was so busy with her four younger children all of Vivian’s attempts would fail. I went to her house one day because we always had days of “chats”, but this was no ordinary day. This was the day she told me that she was cutting herself, and she was taking pills. She was scared she said, “I don’t want to die, but I don’t know what else to do!” this was when I told her how important she was and how much she was loved, that she should not give up on life, that she should just try to communicate with her mother in different ways. The next day she wrote a letter to her mother asking her where her birth father was, her mother simply ignored the letter. Eventually she accepted not knowing her birth father, but she was still sad! This was when I talked to my mom, she suggested I tell her about my cousin. I told her how suicide will affect everyone in her life. Talking worked for a while but her suicidal thoughts lingered . This was when I talked to my friend, and we both went to a teacher. The teacher called a meeting and said she would bring Vivian proper help. Vivian received proper counseling and became a happier person!

Communication was the key to her success. Communication saved my friend’s life! Communication is essential in everyone’s lives. As long as we speak of what’s going on in our lives we can be advised and steered in the right direction. This is why I believe communication is the key to life, the key to a relationship, and the key to my friendships.