The President Elect

Charles - Paramus, New Jersey
Entered on November 11, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

As a teacher I have always felt that the first and most important thing for me to accomplish is to inspire my students with the beleif that they can accomplish things for themselves. Give them a sense of direction and in doing so give them hope.

Obama has been elected president. I listten to the radio, read the news and watch the TV talk shows which are all celebrating his victory. He is a darling of the media without question. Oprah crieds, Jessie Jackson predicts changes in Whitehouse policy and young children of minority races are like so many children in years past, thinking that they might one day want to be president. It all seems possible now, hope where there was seemingly no hope. But what it reveals is that in reality the race for the Whitehouse this time was just that, an issue of race and in this case the candidate’s race was the key. He was the most marketable and now he is the president elect.

Soon he will assume office and the responsibilities that go along with it and there will be more hope. As we move forward he will be able to use his stregnths of leadership to give us more hope and help direct the nation in a more positve direction. But in reality what will be happening is that he will be tested and measured by his actions and history can be a harsh judge. But in the end it will be history which decides if a black man was successful in his quest.

Obama is the name of the man and hope must be the mission. It is the hope of a country that the man is successful as a president and not as a man of color. It will be perhaps the greatest challenge for President Obama to be recognized for his accomplishments as a president and history will be the judge. To make that seperation from his race, while not losing that connection, to rise above being a black leader and simply be a leader and give hope to all. Reagan said that “politics is a great profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you discgrace yourself, you can always write a book.”

This was a man of vision, leadership and the ability to inspire people with hope that has not been equaled since his time as president. President Obama is in the strongest position of any leader since Reagan to lead this country in that direction once again. What will the books say when his job is complete?