Love by Any Other Name

Kristi - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on November 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love by Any Other Name

Love can last a life time, or maybe, only a few days. It can be with a man or a woman, even if they’re both the same. It can be with anyone of any race, any religion, or, even, any age. For I believe that love is love, no matter what form.

I’ve lived and seen this all my life, and being gay, I should know how it feels to be hated because of who I love. I don’t go around pointing at couples yelling, “Ewe! They’re straight!” yet, people do that to me and others like me. I’ve even seen it being done to couples who have different skin color. This is why it took me years before I came out with the real me.

I hadn’t known what “gay” truly meant, I thought it was just a saying, but I looked it up and realized I was one of them. I read stories about people who were beaten because of who they loved. I was afraid. I kept it a secret; a second life only I knew about.

Being born in a Christian family, I couldn’t tell my family. It discriminates gays in the Bible, the thing that I thought I would go to hell if I didn’t follow it. I was afraid to go to church, being the “devil’s child,” as I thought myself as.

8th grade changed all this. I went to a different school where lots of people were openly gay, and people of all different races and religions could “live” under one roof. This was the first time I truly believed that love came in many forms and it didn’t matter what anybody said.

But did I still think I was an out cast? Of course I did, especially at church. Even if I didn’t believe the Bible could tell me who I should love and marry, others still did. I might have come out to my friends easily, but I didn’t have to live with them for another 10 years. I still couldn’t tell my family. Though, my mother found out and came to me, not in rage, as I thought she would, but in a loving way. She talked me through my thoughts and fears, comforting my through it all. And three words she told me gave me all the strength I needed, “God is love.”

Over time I understood this saying more and more. If God is everything and God is love, then love is everything. I wasn’t afraid of going to church or telling who ever what I believed. I started standing up for myself and others who were being bullied for who they were and loved. Just like we are all humans that come in many different forms, so does love, but it is all still