What Wrtiing Can Mean

Hailee - Dillon, Montana
Entered on November 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What Writing Can Mean

Writing is excellent skill to acquire in life. I used that I wasn’t a writer. I never saw how even writing a few lines made me a writer. I can honestly now say I am a writer. I like to write and tend to write down something about myself or something else. I now know you don’t have to have published work or be famous to be a writer. I also realized that if I make the choice to write I have to do it for myself.

Ever since I was I wrote. Before I could write I would stories to my mother to write down for me. I laugh at those stories that came out of my four year old mind and think about how silly I was then. On this very day I am thinking about those same stories and wondering did I not have the makings of a writer from the beginning? I wrote even before I knew anything about the process of organized thought that everyone declares you need. I wanted to write and did.

I continue to write today and everyday. I never find it as a chore. I have so many thoughts that I can easily write because I have a story that. In writing one of those stories I can fuse elements of myself in that character. I put what I wish to happen or wish to achieve for myself one day. I notice when I put my thoughts down on paper I find out more about myself than when I just thinking. It gives me the chance to dig deep into my heart and my mind. I find that a precious reward that writing gives me.

All my life I been told I was a good writer but I have always been skeptical about that fact. I always believed those my family had to say that because they loved me, but I find myself being less critical about my writing. I have other people read my work. I am always afraid to see what are going to say but it a good tool to see if others like what you write. So far what I written has not been torn to pieces which makes me feel stronger when it comes to writing.

In addition to writing I read. I love reading authors such as Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. It seems to improve the vocabulary I use when writing. I know for a fact hat it does indeed help. I never thought of reading being a component of writing better. Now with abundance for reading and writing skills on my side I will continue to write with more confidence and tell myself I am indeed a writer.