Alex - Loma Linda, California
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

When I was a child I had the best time of my life, I was so free and could do anything that I wanted. I think that is why I believe in living in the moment. I believe that every day we are alive, we should treat it as a brand new day. When I was growing up as a boy, I had no worries or any stress like I do in my daily life now. And I realized that the reason that I was so free and stress less was because when I was a boy I did not need to think about anything but what I was going to do next. This brought me to a realization to live in the moment. I believe that living in the moment can make every one a better person, for example, in an argument most people bring back the past, but if we live in the moment that behavior can be changed. And we can live a full life. I believe in living in the moment. I think in doing so will make me a better person.

Now my life is great. Not just because I try to live in the moment, but also because I have a balance in my life to keep me worry free and calm. Over the years I learned to handle things so I would not stress. Every single day, I try to treat that day as a new day and try to live my life to it’s fullest. That does not mean I forget the past or not worry about the future. I always keep in mind the importance of both. The past teaches us about our mistakes and all our shortcomings. As a human being I know that the past is important. The past is a person’s history, but I believe that dwelling on the past cannot achieve anything. I believe I must live each day as it comes, and learn from my previous mistakes so that I can improve and learn to act accordingly in the present and for the future.

To live my life to its fullest, I have to move forward and not dwell in the past. I must adapt and change, and treat every day like it is my first and last day. This is my belief, my belief to live in the moment – the present.