The Governments priorities

Dennis - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Governments Priorities

My name is Dennis Johnson and this is what I believe. I believe that the government is wasting money and time on problems that aren’t a major concern to America. This money has to come out of our taxes, which some people are beginning to not be able to afford. So many people choose to continue breaking the law, the war is still going on with Iran so why should we spend so much money and time when they aren’t creating any real problem?

For instance, the most-known drug marijuana hasn’t done much damage to our country, except when it gets smuggled in. We waist money on this drug by enforcing thousands of police officers and police dogs a year to cut down the illegal usage and exchange of marijuana. If the government were to legalize this illegal plant, they could invest quickly by selling it. Being able to profit on something that doesn’t actually harm any one would be better than investing money to keep it off the streets. This is just one thing that I feel the government is wasting time and money on.

Secondly, the government is also wasting money and time on the war that we are currently in. We are losing young American life everyday because of it. And yet we still continue to try to help them, although they are at war with themselves. The Government has spent so much money on the war in the past seven, almost eight, years. We need to get out of the war so we can focus on the financial problem we are currently going through.

I believe that our new president’s pull out plan will be effective in helping our country’s financial crisis by getting America more focused on the problems in America instead of Iran. For seven years we have paid attention to the war on terror and seemed to have forgotten about the Americans who buy homes without the funds to pay them off. We need to get out of the war we so can save money and be able to pay off the “bail-out plan” that will cost us seven-hundred-billion dollars. This money is going to have to come out of Americans taxes, which is just building up with the war. We need to do something about the war immediately or America will go into another depression, as bad as the Great Depression.

The Government is just wasting our money on all of these taxes to pay for stuff a majority of people do not want in our country instead of something Americans should have as a right including healthcare and dental care. Americans deserve the right to chose what we want for society, and the government is just spending our money on what they feel is right. We need to do something about all of these issues before they get worse and worse for Americans, and we end up not being able to pay for them. If these things don’t get done Americas future will be ruined for years to come. I think the government should straighten out its priorities.