This I Believe

Braden - Ft.Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Vancouver; some call it land of poverty. It is a sad place in Vancouver city. There is so much drug use and prostitution there. I live in Ft. Collins, Colorado; a small town with hardly any poverty. When I went on my high school mission trip to Vancouver city, Canada my life was changed forever. Even though it has only been fourteen years long.

I was going with my church for a week to V. C. We met hundreds of people in the open door missions and food drives who just lived on the street with no house or anything. Ninety nine times out of a hundred the person we met was extremely nice and courteous. They all had a common theme though, they made a bad choice and it completely changed their life. I believe that although our choices may change our lives, they never change our souls.

The world is an unforgiving place where when we decide on something we cannot go back and change it. This is hard on everyone who has ever done anything. We all made mistakes but God gave us the ability to keep our heads up and not live in the past. It still seems that if we have one bad choice, one smoked cigarette, one bad whatever and our life is over and unchangeable. There is always hope though. I met people who were so addicted they smoked pot right in front of me. In the streets the side-walk was littered with used syringes from people shooting themselves up; that does not mean that someone is a tough, unloving gangster, though. They could be nice and soft; they just got started on something and could not stop.

It is hard to be kind when everyone thinks of you as a drug addict and nothing more; but people do it. I made a lot of friends in Vancouver. They have good souls and all they need is help, love and hope for a better life soon. I now know many people who have had a bad fall from everything to nothing but have gotten on track.

Making a change affects everyone, especially a bad change. I am not the only one who is affected by a bad choice of mine. My family is mostly affected and my friends sometimes are too. I met a sadly large number of people who had lost their son or daughter due to their drug habits. It was horrible because the one thing they needed was family and the one thing they did not have was family. One thing it did though was provide a drive for them. There was a fire inside of them that kept them from stopping trying to quit drugs so they could see their son or daughter again. I have never seen anything of the like.

I believe that while my choices may change my life, they can never, ever change my soul. I am firm in my belief. While the world may change our lives, our souls can change the world.