Chelsea - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


Oh, man, do I sure love to have fun! It takes away the stress from my hectic days. All honors classes and two softball teams, man; life can get a little stressful and crazy. So in order to cope with my lifestyle, I make sure that whenever I do something I have fun doing it. Plus, life is too short too not have fun during every second of it.

I am a softball catcher. I think that says it all, the leader on the field and in the dugout. It’s up to me to call the right pitch and position the players on the field for certain situations. This position is not for the faint of heart or mind. Sometimes, I just go plain crazy when things do not go my way on the field. For example, when I throw the ball down to second to get someone out who is stealing the shortstop is not there eight out of ten times. So, I do not beat myself up for it I just play my game the way I know how to play it and have fun doing it. If I do not it could possibly put me in a bad mood for the rest of game and I would not play at the level I know I can perform at. However, I always remember not to kill myself over errors or missed pitches because I play to have fun. If I was to play because someone like my parents forced me to, I wouldn’t nearly have the same passion, as I have for softball. I have to possess that passion especially if I dedicate almost everyday of the week to softball.

However, softball isn’t the only thing in my life. Please don’t forget the dreaded school days. I set high goals for myself so I can succeed in the future. I’m taking all honors classes that are full of smart and boring people who are just “work crazy”. After so much silence I just go crazy and can’t stand it any longer. So, to keep my brain going full gear, I help myself by making the work fun. Also, by having fun while working it helps me learn the concepts better. For example, when I have to memorize something I do my crazy word association that only I understand, but it works. Or if I have a test coming up I study with someone and we make up goofy things that help us remember it the information. This would not be the case if I became a”studying Nazi” and just repeated it over and over to myself everyday in hopes of learning it.

“Something that provides enjoyment, playfulness or amusement” is the definition I live my life by. As I always say “life is too short too not have fun during every second of it”. So, to keep up with my lifestyle I have the time of my life doing whatever I put my mind to.