Athena - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that there is, and always will be, something greater out in the world that we, as man, will never understand. There are hidden things that we can not comprehend or even see or hear at times. But I believe that they are still there. I believe that there is a higher being out there, be it male of female, or even I tiny spec of light; I feel that it is there. I believe in spirits or apparitions, and ghosts. I believe in an afterlife along with reincarnation. I believe that all things were not created equally, but contrasting to live in harmony or a balance. I believe in beliefs.

I know and respect many different aspects of what could be or what is in human life. I do not judge people for what they choose to believe. They are all right in my eyes. Like this website, everyone has a right to believe whatever they want and no matter what others may say or do to try to influence or manipulate them to change or contort what they have chosen; it will not change how they feel about that topic. I guess you could say everyone has their own opinion or out-look on life.

On the twelfth year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing, which happened to be on December twelfth, something incredible happened. In my parent’s closet there is an old acoustic guitar that no one uses anymore. That night while my dad was watching TV, my mom was in the kitchen, and I was in my room, no one was even close to the closet or the guitar when it struck a perfect E cord. All of us in the house paused whatever we were doing at the time and then quickly raced to check out what we all had just heard. We thought that maybe the guitar had fallen over or that something had stuck it on it’s was down but when we got there, there was nothing around or even touching the guitar. We decided to bring the guitar out to the living room and propped it against the entertainment center where my dad could see it from the couch, and I could see it from my room down the hallway to see if it would happen again. After about a half an hour, the E cord rung out yet again. No one was close to it and nothing brushed up against it. I believe that it was my grandma letting us know that she was happy where she was.

When they were alive, my grandparents loved to play the guitar. My grandpa would play for my aunts and uncles while my grandma listened too. Playing the guitar was a part of everyday life for them. Although I’m not sure if my grandmother played too, but I do know that she watched my grandpa play long enough to know how to play an E cord.

I trust that were ever they are now, they are happy. I’m not sure if our spirits go to some wonderful place when me die or if they are recycled and brought to a new life or they just aimlessly wonder around forever cursed in limbo. However, I have a feeling that all of these are true in someway. Maybe we are judged and then sent to one of these fates. Maybe we decide. Either way I believe that some spirits remain or some move on to wherever they tend to go. Be it heaven, hell, or purgatory. No one really knows and no one will ever know.

I believe that there is only one higher being that is called under many names, that it is neither a man nor a woman. They are perfect and harmonious in every aspect of what they are and do. I believe that almost every religion is correct in someway. Nearly every religion believes in one God being higher than others if there is more than one. Although a few religions to me are still rather questionable, I still feel that most are still connected in one way or another.

This is why I believe that there is something greater than what we truly think out there somewhere. We will never really know what or where it is but it is. I believe that it is.