Language is about more than words, It’s about subtext

Austen - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am just another sixteen year old kid living in Washington. I am also a musician, a student, an outcast, and a popular kid.

I’ve learned that adversity is not just among race or religion, but more common in the normal student life in which ninety

percent of students live in. Often the language we use is not merely speaking, but written, and anatomical. Language is about

more than words, it’s about subtext. If the world had words without tone or some sort of subtext, then how would humans communicate

meaning? The same is true for behavior, and every other aspect of life; we use our personal beliefs and other such characteristics

to live daily lives. I believe that knowing what you are and who you are is the concrete of the human personality.

A couple of days ago I was at Kentlake High School for the Green River Music Region Jazz Competition/ Festival in my dress

clothes looking very professional. I noticed that even with a smile or wave, other people seem to ignore the person and only

focus on the façade I’m wearing. No matter what I was doing or who I was, the label of “band geek” was stamped on my forehead.

This kind of blind judgment is constantly aimed at the ones who seem the easiest to pick out. I feel that because of adversity

and peer pressures surrounding students daily, many tend to judge without thinking first. As the day continued I watched people

play, and eventually played myself. I had a bass solo that was much enjoyed by everyone and soon numerous people started talking

to me. I began talking to a group of kids during lunch that seemed to be the group of popular kids and one of them asked me,

“Why do you hang out with those kids?” I told them that just because they choose to be this way does not make them any different.

They choose to go do something with themselves, not necessarily succeed in great fame and fortune, but to take their lives

and talents with them. To put them to use and not just ride out what has been given to them. They are verbs; going somewhere,

doing something, unable to be stopped. I knew I was more than just another band geek, I was a person; a strong person, someone

who is more than what people label them.

Behavior is how we judge each other on a daily premise. We act accordingly to certain principles we set for ourselves and

base our actions upon it. Judging is only superficial when what really counts is what is inside and when people begin to judge

they are only labeling themselves. I believe that knowing who we are is what makes us people as well as humans. I am a musician,

a friend, a student, a human. To be humans we have to communicate, and I communicate subtext.