What Defines a Highschool?

Nick - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community

Growing up in Auburn, Washington, you always hear about two different high schools, Auburn High, and Auburn Riverside. Auburn has the history, its been around for over one hundred years and that’s evident by the older facilities and run down colors, and is sometimes frequently grouped into the “Ghetto” category. Auburn Riverside has the glamour; it has only been around for about a decade and has nicer, newer facilities. Wealthy, high end families may not want there kids going there.

When I was younger, I lived in the Auburn High district, but I was one of the people who doubted Auburn High. I didn’t want to go to some creaky old school. I made this evident to my parents, and by my 8th grade year we moved into the Riverside District.

So I finally got what I wanted, a chance to go to the school I thought I belonged at. I wasn’t the only one, my core group consisting of my five closest friends all found a way to go to Riverside. We were so excited once High School rolled around we could hardly contain ourselves. At first we thought we were in the right place. We felt so superior to everyone, and it seemed like everyone at the school had that mentality. We would joke and laugh about people that went to Auburn, and when we talked to old friends who attended Auburn and said they loved it, we just brushed it off and thought they must just be embarrassed to admit the fact they were ashamed.

As time went on at Riverside, things started to get worse and worse. People who I first thought were my friends started to betray me. I thought I had just picked the wrong friends, but after time, I started to realize that no matter whom it was, they always talked bad about their friends and would walk over anyone to get what they wanted. You need other people to succeed, and people there didn’t realize that.

By the end of my sophomore year the only people I really trusted were the same core group of friends I started with. We decided to transfer to Auburn High for our junior year. From the first day, I realized why everyone loved Auburn so much. I was embraced right away and I felt like I had been at Auburn for years, people accepted me one hundred percent.

Things have only gotten better since my first day and I just wish I wouldn’t have wasted the first two years of High School at Riverside. So this I believe, a High School is made by the people who go there, and their attitudes, not by the nice facilities or new equipment it may have. It all goes back to the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and for the first two years of High School, I made this mistake.