This I Believe

Edgar - 98002, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Hello, my name is , an average sixteen year old boy whose job is to please only myself. Yet one incident brought me to think farther than only myself and see people from a different perspective. About a year back I was exploring the summer night, lurking through the city streets of Seattle, I wasn’t in a very good mood considering I had missed my bus earlier that night. However it was about one a.m. and the last bus was to depart at one fifteen a.m., so I caught it. I was now on the bus kind of dozing off because of the long night it had been. As I closed my eyes thinking all I want to do is get home and get off the pee odor metro bus. We had just reached pioneer square and the bus had stopped to let people on and I noticed a couple that really interested me. This was a couple that had been mentally challenged but yet they were so happy with each other. This led me on to believe that no matter who you are you should love someone for who they are and not what might be on the outside. Even though these two people might have been out there a little bit, they still found the love inside one another to just stay happy and live through the little struggles they might have. Though these people probably had no idea what others on the bus might have said about them that night, however I was there to witness it. A group of kids sitting behind me kept rambling on saying rude remarks like “Wow those two are retarded and how could anyone see something in one of those two”. It bothers me to hear things people have to say about others but in the end wouldn’t like the rude things said to them. I would have guaranteed that night, if I was to turn around look them in the eyes and told the group of kids that what they were doing wasn’t right, they all would have just looked at me with a stupid look and probably call me dumb as well. But knowing that I have been a victim of judging people before I bothered not to. The fact is that those kids just need to not judge people on their appearance and look farther then that. Today, a year later I still see people all places like school, who don’t realize things like I did that night they continue to ignore the fact to treat people like they would want to be treated. But yet constantly they do it. As I see this happening and knowing that it goes on everywhere it makes me want to stop all the little things people may have against one another. I started valuing the fact that these people for some reason came into my life to show me this, and from now on I have been trying to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated and that would be equally.