Noah - Riverside CA 92509, California
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe that watching baseball gives me a way to forget everything that is going on around me. Our country is at war, the countries in an economic crisis, I broke up with my girl, and etc. Life throws everything at you and it doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, but to my luck I have something that can take my mind off everything.

With something as simple as baseball I am able to lose myself in the competitive world with the players. As an avid Dodger fan I try to watch as many games as possible and also try to attend the games in person as often as I can. Sitting on my couch watching the game is a relaxing time (unless the Dodgers happen to be losing that night) as I lie on my couch and watch my favorite team get to work. During a game I am rarely irritated. Being able to watch these games gives me time to let bad thoughts or stressful things fade to the back of my mind and let something else swallow up my thoughts. It’s a perfect distraction from anything I would like. The reason it helps as a distraction so much is because nothing can distract me when I am watching a game. What also helps is that usually there are people around as I watch the game so we yell constantly which takes my mind away from whatever else that could be going on with me.

Attending a Dodger baseball game is the best place to lose myself. When I go I am usually with a group of friends who are a rowdy bunch. A great pastime for us is heckling people of opposing teams so as long as the game goes on you will hear myself and usually chanting so an so sucks, lets go dodgers, or go back to wherever the hell you came from. To some it is obnoxious but to us it’s the only way we can spend the game. But one of the best parts of going to an actual game is the support from everyone around you (as long as you’re wearing the right colors, which are blue). No matter what crazy chant you begin there are people who will back you. For example while we were at a game one time a lady walked by in a Canada jacket, and my friends and I being who we are started chanting USA! USA! Which lead to everyone chanting making the lonely Canadian a little perplexed. It just shows the unity that a sporting even can bring out, and nowhere else in life can I see people acting like they do when they are at a Dodger baseball game.

So after a long day of toilsome work or a long day of unbroken thoughts of the past I am able to watch baseball and relax peacefully as my mind wanders into the fast paced action world of the Major Leagues.