john - auburn, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I talk to my friends about carrers I hear about how much is the salary and how much school is needed. What I belive is that a carrer should be based on what you like not only on what you earn and how long it will take. I’ve heard people say they will try and be doctors, me included,but a some don’t even know how long that will take college and medical school are not the same and you need to take both. I agree that money is important when you’re an adult you don’t work you don’t eat but for it to be the only deciding factor in finding a carrer, yeah bad idea. There are many people out there that try and become lawers, doctors, CEO’s but if your not ready to put time and effort and have solid dedication to what your going to do your setting yourself up for a huge fall. I’ve been told “why are you trying to become a doctor?” and “Is it worth the time?” to them I say it depends on the person, I what to be a doctor to help people and to make sure they get healthy ever since I was 7 years old. Personally I find it wrong and just greedy to be lawers, doctors and such only for the money and don’t care if there patients or clients die or go to prison basiclly giving them a “Yeah, sorry, here is the bill.” Kind of reply. Find what you like your best subject your passion even if you aren’t the richest man in the world you will be one of the one person going to work with a smile.

Most jobs take time to get in some don’t you want to be a auto mechanic or a professer of biology you won’t earn much as a auto mechanic but perhaps you like cars go for it could be you have feared cars because you have had some kind of mental childhood trama that makes you unable to get in or around a car then perhaps this is not the job for you. You could be the one who likes the professer carrer if that’s the case we are the same and go for it.

This paper has been very repetitive just me saying please for the love of whoever you worship take a carrer you enjoy and have determination to see it to the very end.Now