this believe

Russell - auburn, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

I believe when you are successful in life you can’t let the unsuccessful ones drag you down. I’m a sixteen year-old living in the state of Washington in a small city called Auburn. I may just be another teenager from the suburbs, but I have a strong opinion on just about everything. There are many different ways people can try to bring you down when you’re successful, but it is your duty to shed the dead weight.

When I was four years-old I picked up a baseball for the very first time and right beside me was my father. I joined my first team when I was six years-old playing for the Auburn little league red devils with all my friends. I still play the game to this day with pretty much all the same friends and made some new ones a long the way. The teams I have been on have always worked hard and made me become better player. Even though we worked hard as a team there were always one or two people that would drag the team down. For example, when I was on this team called the longhorns there was a kid named Jason who would always show up late, had a bad attitude, and hardly ever paid attention to what the coach was teaching us. Unfortunately a few other kids followed into his foot steps of dragging the team down. This slowed the group down dramatically and we couldn’t move on to new learning material in practice, so as a team we couldn’t become better. Therefore going into the season our team was not very prepared and we didn’t win one single game that year. At the end of the season the coach and the rest of the team that was still trying to become successful had to make a decision whether or not to cut these players since they are holding us back. In the end we decided to cut the 3 players including Jason who were making the team unsuccessful as it was the best thing to do.

As you can see I take my sport very seriously as I want my teammates, my friends, and myself of course to improve by shedding the dead weight. Then maybe if all our hard work pays off, our high school baseball team will make it to the playoffs. From there we make it to Safeco Field and finally win our schools first baseball state championship. This may be just a dream, but I’d like it to come true and the only way that possible is by being successful and getting rid of the unsuccessful. Even if your family or best friends are the ones dragging you down, to become successful you may need to cut them out of you life. That may sound bad but they will only slow you down or stop you from whatever your goal is that you’re trying to accomplish.