Dreams as Your Future

Kalyn - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe trying to achieve your dreams will make them more than dreams, but your future. As a seventeen year old, I dream of the glamorous lifestyle after college, as does anyone. The being rich, living in a foreign country, having the perfect husband with the perfect job, and the perfect house. Everyone dreams of how their life could be, but what separates those who just dream and those who achieve, is determination.

I know how my future is going to be, because I have plenty of determination to make my dreams my future. Knowing how to get where you want to be in life is the start of making those dreams true. For example dancing, when I was younger dancing was never a top passion of mine, but as I got older it’s now what my career is going to be.

Dancing when I was younger was just something I did with my friends after school on the week days. So I quite that for four years to do my actual passion, softball. Once I moved to a new town I got a new coach, which opened my eyes, softball wasn’t my passion I only liked the coach. So I took up dancing again and discovered that the way I looked when I was dancing, the warming up, being more flexible was my excitement. I got better because I pushed myself, which showed the teacher that I had potential to make it on her competitive team, but one problem, I was moving again. The new studio doesn’t have a competitive team they have senior apprentice, which is the highest and the best dancers. The first year was difficult; because I didn’t grow up dancing there so I had to make the teachers see that I had potential to someday be a senior apprentice.

Each year I have gained more flexibility, better at my double turns and in general became a better dancer, because I pushed myself. Now because of this push the dance teachers saw that I had great determination to be a senior apprentice, thus achieving my dance dream. Being a senior apprentice is a good foundation for my dance career because, being this means that I push myself beyond my potential.

I didn’t just sit around dreaming of being a senior apprentice, I am making it happen. By not sitting around dreaming but working to achieve dreams will make them an actuality in the future. This is just the beginning of achieving my dreams and turning them into my future.