Happiness and Cleaning

Spencer - Houston, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Happiness often stems from the simplest things. The air blows softly against my skin while it dries the wax that I have just placed on the sea of black paint. I start on another part of the car and bring myself to a sweat as I repeat the circular motion my father has instilled in me. As the wax dries a smile is drawn on my face and I can begin to see myself in the paint. The paint has no beginning and no end. This simple little statement brings me so much joy and happiness. From just waxing the paint I am taken away from this sorrow filled world and into a store where the squeaking of my shoes makes me laugh with my father. He and I spend many Saturdays washing my truck, making her shine a smile to the both of us.

This little insignificant task to some brings me and my father closer to each other every time. Some pay people to do it but I take pride and joy in doing the task by hand. Like the water that cleanses my car it too cleanses my soul. The joy I get from such a simple task is all I need in this world sometimes. I could spend all day washing and detailing my truck, and sometimes I do, because of the joy it brings me. I’m absorbed by the blackness that reflects the happiness found in my heart. Joy and envy stem from all the time spent in the garage on Irma. She’s like a faithful dog whose face always lights up when I come home.

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is. What really matters is the joy I get from washing it roof to tires. Sure I might be a little happier if the car at hand is an all Black Ford GT 43 but that’s later in life. For now all the happiness in the world is contained in washing that little black 1994 Chevy S10 and that’s all the happiness I can contain. While some obtain happiness thru money and power I get all my happiness from some simple little thing.