Colon, Closed Parenthesis

Chelsea - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Be positive! I don’t want any negative essays”, Mrs. F-J said. Well, that should be easy since I believe that you can be happy or at least optimistic in every situation.

I have been an idealist since I was a child. I was only in fourth grade when the attacks on September 11 took place, so of course I didn’t understand the whole situation. My conclusion was that this Osama guy flew some planes into some buildings to unite the American people, because I could not imagine that someone would kill thousands of people simply to terrorize.

Whenever some kind of high school drama comes up, I step back and ask myself is the gossip worth the stress? Usually not. If something is plaguing me, I put it out of mind; negative things are not worth my precious brain space. And maybe that sounds egotistical, but I’ve realized that over time those issues always fade to a pointless waste of tears.

Earlier this year, my best friend Bobby and I had a falling out. He accused me of using him, and he stopped speaking to me. I was devastated. I could not understand what could possibly make him think that I would take advantage of him in any way. I tried to ask, but he hung up on me. “I put in effort to fix this”, I told myself. “If he doesn’t want to try and make up then he is not worth my time”. That sounds harsh, I know, but I wasn’t rude to him, I just wanted to get back to the happy. Whenever I would see him, I would be willing to wave if he did, but he did not. When he didn’t wave, I just forgot about it and looked forward to waving to the next friend that I happened upon. One day, Bobby waved.

As the students at my school are constantly pressured to go to college, go to college, and go to college, I wonder if I will keep this optimism through all of the college application stress, and if I do, I wonder if it will last through job application stress, wedding planning stress, pregnancy stress, child-raising stress, and grandchild-raising stress.

I have lived a happy life so far, and I believe that I will be optimistic in every situation, from now until the day I say hello to heaven.