Anne Marie - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Having lived in four different places since I was born in 1991, this I believe, that everyone should be adaptable and able to change. Since I was born in Columbus, Ohio, I have been forcefully moved to Peoria, Illinois, then to Geneva, Switzerland, and lastly to Houston Texas. Every time my parents sat my brother and me down with their stern faces I knew immediately what they were going to say to me. They would tell me that my father had been promoted and this required us moving somewhere else and like word vomit I would always reply to them with great disgust and anger.

I remember the greatest move in my life when I moved to Geneva, Switzerland which was thousands of miles across the ocean. I hated the thought of being away from my family and friends. I could not imagine learning another language or culture. I thought that our life in Illinois was going just fine. Once we got to Geneva my mother and father made sure not to take it for granted. Before I knew it, we were road tripping to France, Germany and Italy with the snap of a finger. I on the other hand tagged alone not fully comprehending how lucky I was.

After living back in the United States about three years later I finally realized how fortunate I was. How much I loved and was going to miss the food, skiing, new friends and picturesque scenery. This made me want to make an effort in making my life in Houston unforgettable and I would not once take it for granted. I had missed out on the opportunity in making my life in Geneva all it was worth because I was too caught up in the thought of everything I was missing back in the United States.

This I believe that everyone should be borderless and open minded. This I believe that when a change in one’s life comes along, one should take it as a challenge and not look back. This I believe that everyone should be adaptable because if one is not they will miss out on once in a life time opportunities.