A Right, Not a Privilege

ParxAnn - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe that every child has the right to a free and equal opportunity of education. I believe that regardless of the color of his skin or the color of his bike, the food he eats, or how he eats it, regardless of the songs he sings, or the language in which he sings them. I believe that education should be a RIGHT and no more should it be looked at as a privilege than breathing. I believe that no matter the appearance of, or the teacher that comes with it, the school should be there, may it be meek and withering, or a steadfast building of pedigree. I believe that with the tools gained through educating every youth of not only America, but the world, brilliant minds that may have gone unnoticed will be unveiled, and that new philosophies and cures and ideas will emerge shaping our society into an even more productive one. I believe that there is no more important factor in life than an education, and even if I choose not to believe what I am being told and even if I find fault in the morality, I am there. And there I get the opportunity to have an opinion and to form beliefs and thoughts on my own, allowing me to become independent and self sufficient. In January of 2005 the church that I attend made a pledge to begin collecting donations to go towards the building of a school in Gao, a city in the country of Mali, which lies on the continent of Africa. My first thoughts were how wonderful and noble we were for providing and education to so many. That was until the some striking numbers appeared before me showing how little of an impact we had actually had in “rescuing the uneducated”. That there will be so many more without this “privilege”, and who will stay in the dreadful conditions in which the currently are. This issue had always been something I believed needed attention, but like most others, it was just another charity case in my mind that was a lost cause. And now as I see that this RIGHT, is only that in a few places in the world, and privilege in all others, it is more than a belief, it is an issue of people being neglected of their right, their most important right of free and equal opportunity to education.