. . .So She Dances

Jessica - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I started dancing for the same reasons most little girls do: my mom decided that I would. Her decision to make me dance now defines my life. Dance is my passion, my addiction, my everything; Dance is what I believe in.

Dance has been the only constant in my life. Whenever things get rough, it is my therapy. I learned that dancing down my rocky paths, and leaping over all my obstacles makes everything much more bearable.

I dance every single day, usually about four to six hours. Not only do I dance excessively, but I also take on a full load of challenging classes academically. Most people do not understand why I do it, but it is simply because they do not dance. Dancers are just different, because lessons and techniques that are taught in the dance studio can be carried over in to the daily tasks of life. Through dance I have learned confidence, respect, discipline and most importantly, ambition. These lessons show in everything I do, from the way I carry myself, how I interact with people, and from how I manage my time, to the goals I set for myself. Dance affects so many more aspects of my life than just the obvious physical ones. Also in dance, I learned that I could never be the best. At an early age I discovered that being the best was someone’s opinion, and seeing as how everyone’s opinions are different, there is no cut and dry best dancer. This concept frustrated me when I was little because I wanted to be the best and when I was not, I felt as though I had failed. However, as time passed, and I as I , I began to understand this concept and no longer let the opinions of others control my dancing. This way of thinking allows me to concentrate on reaching my full potential and avoid unnecessary drama.

All my beliefs in some way or form have stemmed from dance because dance is my passion and now subconsciously think of almost everything in terms of dance. I believe that there is “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and (most importantly) a time to dance.”