A True Reward

Samantha - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

When I entered 6th grade at Goodson Middle School I decided I would enter the band. I was extremely interested in playing the clarinet but 3 weeks into learning it my director came to the conclusion that I was more suited for the flute. I was against the idea completely because my sister, Sabrina, played the flute and I thought myself more of a leader then a follower. When I switched I felt defeated and I gave up all together with anything band. Thus throughout my middle school years as a flute player I didn’t take it seriously, I just stayed and hung out. But when I entered High School everything changed.

When I entered Cy-Woods High School in 2006 as a freshman I continued to be in the band. Because of my lack of skill and talent on my instrument I was placed in the lowest band, the Cadet Band. This really eat me up inside. I hadn’t realized what I had done. I wasted three years of time that I could have used to become an amazing player and instead fooled around. And what do I have to show for those three years? Cadet band. That’s when I got my act together. I practiced everyday and at the end of the year it paid off. At the end of the year the band has an award ceremony and at the ceremony I was recognized by the directors and my classmates for displaying academic achievement. And thus I advanced to the Varsity band.

In the Varsity band I continued to work and not just on my music but also in on my marching skills. Because of my height I had a hard time reaching my sets so just like my music I stayed after school and practiced until I made each and every set. Then one day my hard work was acknowledged I was called out during a marching practice as being one of the best marchers. I was so proud of myself but I didn’t let it go to my head I took it as an expectation that I had to work harder. That’s when I stepped up ever more. I changed my 30 minutes lessons to hour lessons, and I got a brand new Trevor James Vituoso 3 flute. When I got it I practiced for hours on end. That is truly when I began to feel like a musician and not just someone who could play a few notes. Finally when the band award night came again I was again acknowledged for the same achievement I had been recognized for the previous year. That’s when I began to think about being in the band leadership group. I thought I could relate to some of the other students and share my ‘Cinderella’ story and help them with the problems they were facing. Although I didn’t make leadership I didn’t let that stop me. I realized one of the best ways to lead is to lead by example.

The beginning of my junior year I had once again advanced to the next band- the Concert band, I still didn’t make the leadership group but I didn’t let that get my down. It all made my hard work seem worth it and it helped me realized all the potential I have and all the things I could achieve. No matter what happens senior year I will always remember how my hard work paid off.