Life as I Know it

Charley - cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

I remember laying there looking up at the sky imagining what it would be like to be a cloud, to travel the earth and see everything and everyone below me and then a bug would run across my arm and I would snap back to reality. Those days laying out under the fall sun, on the hay bales, in my overalls talking about the good things in life with myself, appreciating the benefits of being a five year old daddy’s girl, the kind of kid that had no responsibilities, those days were amazing and will forever be in my memory.

I sometimes drift off now in flash backs of the past, only to be awaken by the cold truth that I am now a young adult trying to make it in the real world.

Now I enter the rat race of reality, the world where everyone is ranked on their cleverness and the ability to be the successful. From here on out I will no longer be worriless, I will only be another soul struggling to make it big in the cruel working world. I attend school to receive an education so that I can make better pay. I may have dreams of my own but in truth they will never completely be exactly what I planned them to be. I will always be trying to make quotas and keep up with others, more than likely I will never become rich and heaven forbid I become famous. I ask myself to stick with the simple life, get a profession, start a business and struggle as I shall, I only wish to be what I may, no more, no less.

Now I hear people talking about being rock stars and pro ball players, but I know that truth be told only about one in every five hundred will actually make it that far. I honestly look at the negative things in life and plan around them rather than looking at the good. I believe that life is a tremendous struggle with its occasional pluses and that no one is truly happy because they always have a feeling that something else could be done to make things better. Life is not fair, life is not easy, but we are here to live life so there must be some purpose. This I believe.