Shimmy Shimmy Yaw Shimmy Yam Shimmy Yay

Justin - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality


High school is the definition of pressure. The thirst for approval and popularity drives the teenage mind wild. I believe that kids in high school try too hard to fit in. they want a million friends, they want every single soul in the school to like them and think they are cool. I’m a junior in high school and I have been observing everyone since freshman year. Just about everyone I ever knew or was friends with had changed into a different person. Everyone I knew in middle school has vanished. From the end of eighth grade to freshman year I already saw drastic change in the people I thought I knew.

I have strong morals I believe that at this age you shouldn’t drink, smoke, or have sex. The funny thing is, is I wasn’t alone, and most of the people I knew felt this way. But for some reason their morals and beliefs were discontinued. Every day I would hear a story about someone drinking and partying, “so and so got drunk and threw up everywhere, or so and so had sex when they were drunk.” There was a new story every single day. They just want to fit in so they get pressured into partying. I don’t need drugs and alcohol to have fun; I bet I could have the same amount of fun with a pop in my hand. I just don’t see why you would want to harm your body at this age and why you would try so hard to make people like you. I’ll have to admit going into high school I wanted everyone to like me but I didn’t go to the extent of doing something that I didn’t want to do. Now I just don’t care what people think of me. I wear what I want, look how I want, and feel good no matter what people think or say. That’s how everyone should be.

Basketball shorts, black Nike socks, black Nike sandals and a tee shirt. That’s my normal everyday out fit, I dress for comfort. Kids go out and buy the expensive back packs, twenty pairs of shoes, big fake diamond earrings. Why? You’re just going to school, why do you have to look good? The worst is when girls feel like they have to cake on make up to look pretty when they don’t realize, you’re only truly pretty if you are pretty without make up. Look at Tyra Banks. Everyone is pressured to look good and have the newest and most expensive stuff. School is for education, it’s not a fashion show. Get your own style, start your own trends, be unique, be comfortable, every time I look at people I feel like I’m looking at clones. You shouldn’t have to impress others, you should just do what you want and have people accept you for who you are.

I believe that after high school about ninety percent of the people that were you friends will only be your friends for those four years. You will only have a handful of people who you will really want to be in your life, the rest you may not ever see again. So why would you want so many people to like you when you wont stay friends with the majority of them. Why would you want to fit in so badly with the people that won’t matter in your life? I’d have much more respect for someone with good grades who stayed away from parties, over a kid who was really popular and did stupid things like party and have sex with everyone. It gets worse year after year, day after day. Kids these days are lacking common sense; they don’t understand the difference between what’s right and wrong because their minds are corrupted with wanting to be popular. That’s what I strongly believe.