Changing Lives by Setting Great Examples

Heather - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe it is important to strive to be a role model and make a positive impact on someone’s life. Most everyone these days always says how they want to change the world, but never really take action. As a junior in high school, I decided that a way to positively impact my community would be to become a P.A.L., because I didn’t want to just go through life doing things that would only benefit myself. I felt this was the best way to set a great example to younger generations and bring excitement and enthusiasm into their life.

Being a P.A.L, my class and I began traveling to the elementary and junior high schools each week. Every time I entered those buildings it became evident that it really is possible to change the world. My class and I would stroll through the carpeted halls as the energetic second graders were eating their boxed lunches and the playful kindergarteners were making their way to a fun filled recess. The instant they saw us, their faces lit up and they began frantically waving their little hands, knowing that we brought fun, excitement, and positive energy. Teachers would tell my class that the students were always asking, “When are the Pals coming back?” because they were eagerly waiting our next arrival. At the end of every day, I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment knowing I have greatly impacted somebody else’s life for the better and that I am a person that people will come to if they are ever in need of some help or advice.

I find it that if you are able and capable to bring joy into other peoples lives, you defiantly should. You never know who might just need a helping hand or a welcoming, loving smile! By being a P.A.L, I have come to realize that everywhere I go, there are always people judging my actions and I feel it is so important to display positive values at all times. I believe in being a roll model and making a positive impact on other people’s lives.