Honesty is Life

Kelly - cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Those that let the truth fall from their lips are regarded as turbulent storms in the calms of the lives of others. I believe honesty is key in life for the maturation of the soul. When one is coddled for their whole life they never truly learn how to deal with society and all its down falls. If only their families had loved them enough to be honest.

My ex-boyfriend is one of those special few whose parents guarded them like Poseidon guarded his oceans. Our break up hurt him the most, as the reality of his faults came crashing in like the high tide. Nothing that was said to him could appease his pain. He cast his friends away, thus turning himself into a hollow shell. His whole existence led him to believe he could do no wrong and nothing was truly his fault. As time passed he could find no one to blame his problems on. If only his family had loved him enough to be honest.

Though our break up was mutual the difference between our reactions was immensely evident. I, who had not been coddled as he had, could walk away with my head held high knowing I tried my best. While he, on the other hand, was devastated in the realization that he was truly to blame for his share of the problems. He was so accustomed to shoving his problems on other people, as his family had taught him to do, that when there was no one to blame he was caught in a storm of his own making. When his friends did not come to his rescue in a manner that he deemed right, he wrote them off and claimed to be alone. I had chosen to try and stay positive to keep myself from dropping into a vat of misery. If only his family had loved him enough to be honest.

I had never seen someone cast him or herself into the ocean and submerge themselves in misery for the attention of others. The honesty my parents instilled in me helped me to carry the weight of my burdens without tipping over as he had. He was taught to cast away his problems, but the one time he could not replace the blame he drowned in the realization that he was flawed and no one would coddle him through life as his family had in all his years growing up. In life I have truly learned that honesty is key to the maturation of the soul. If only his parents had loved him enough to be honest.