This I Believe Asking For Help From Others Is A Good Thing:

Winona - Mohrsville, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I was a rambunctious little girl, you could catch me painting, swimming, or petting my cats. When I wasn’t playing I was usually out with my dad and helping him with his work. I loved hanging out with my dad. He always took care of me no matter what his responsibilities were. Most of his work dealt with repairing and painting cars. The garage where he worked was just up the hill from our house. At the young age of five I pretty much knew all the names of every tool he used in order to work on a car. Yes, I knew all the proper terms for certain wrenches, hammers, greases, bolts, and car jacks. You could always tell when my dad had worked on a car because of the combined smell of grease and sweat that would slowly creep into your nose as he hugged you.

I loved just being around my dad and learning everything he did and the kind of work he dealt with. But he did so much more than that, he helped me with anything and everything possible down to even learning how to ride a bike. I have horrible hand eye coordination and still do to this day but back then it was even worse. I received my first bike on my fifth birthday and I all wanted to do was learn how to ride it. Everyday my dad and I practiced for a good hour or two. My dad would hold on to me as I rode my bike and guide me so I would not fall down. Our confidence levels grew with each successful step leading me to pedal faster, he would let go with assurance and think, she has the hang of it. I would ride for a good five minutes and then end horribly in a fall down to the black pavement. I was happy to have my dad, someone who cared to pick me up. My knees were bloody and my elbows were scraped let alone the vast amount of tears. I was stubborn and relentless in learning how to ride my bike but my dad helped me overcome this challenge.

Because of my dad, I learned to accept help from others. There was no way I was going to be able to ride that bike without his help. Even now as I’m older I feel as though I still depend on him in some ways. I don’t see the need to hesitate when asking help from a teacher or asking directions from a local. As a young woman today I believe we all need a little help every now and then. Sure, we strive to be as independent as possible, but we don’t reach our goals without some help from others.