Chris - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Truth is a complicated matter. How must a man know what is and is not to be truthful? Internally, I have often debated this subject. I look back upon the things in life that I deem to be truth and why I reason it to be that way. I believe in action. I believe action is truth, and words are merely a mirage, a wall of deceit and deception, hiding man from the truth. This is why I believe that the truth can be said without the uttering of a single word.

Today, many things are said, which on the surface appear to be very true. None is more prevalent in modern society, or more prevalent in my past than the simple “I love you”. It is an easy statement to say, but showing it is completely different. I have found this the hard way, that this “love”, the kind only based upon the words, is nothing of the sort and rather far from the truth. Something that I now realize that I did not then, is the simple fact that the words do not make the love true. In order for love to be based upon truth, it must have action filled with love to support its surface appearance of truthfulness. Only then are the words validated. Only then are the words true.

The definition of truth is quite abstract in reality. But in essence, Webster’s defines it to be the correspondence of words and action with fact and reality. I have to dispute this definition. Words are not fact. They are not reality. They are only an imposter, a temporary fix for the truth. Truth is the correspondence of actions with fact and reality. I believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then actions are worth ten thousand.