This I Believe

Katlyn - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In the world there are those who are convinced they will be rich and famous and see their name in lights. I am not one of those people and have never wanted to be. For me, your average high school junior, too opinionated to keep quiet but too shy to count for much, seeing my name in lights has never even been an option nor a desire. My nerdy outlook on life, yes tape on glasses and all, has always caused me to want to be different; better than all those silly little girls who dreamed of being a movie star or anything like that. All I’ve ever wanted was to see my name in the clouds.

Since second grade with Ms. B, I have been fascinated with the sky and everything in it. The birds, the rainbows, even the light showers it’s sure to bring. Everything about the sky has always made me happy. Pure simple joy erupts from my being anytime I simply look up and see what miracle God has given me to peek at today. It’s all of these insane obsessions that have caused me to be the puff lover I am. Though dreams of flying and dancing in the clouds were quickly extinguished once I grew older the initial love was always there.

My best friends always knew me as an oddity. The “weird girl” who was always stopping to look at something in the sky or “talk to the birds” and frankly I was fine with that. They could and would think what they wanted but what they didn’t know was that to me the sky was more than just random gases and wavelengths. To me, the sky is hope for a better tomorrow, a glimpse into the heavens, and the cause for my bliss. It would never be something I would take for granted, forget about or look over. The sky was my lifeline, my reason for living. For these reasons, I’ve always wondered that with a love and devotion so pure and so genuine, how can God deny me my one wish of seeing my name up there with his most thought out beauty. I don’t think he can or will. This is why I believe, someday, I will see my name in the clouds.