Intertwined Pride

Ryan - Cypress, Texas
Entered on November 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Intertwined Pride

I believe in taking pride in my work, even when nobody is looking and it doesn’t matter to anybody else. I believe that taking pride in my work is the single key to numerous untapped opportunities in life.

In order to make region band, I practiced every day and night for over a year straight. To make the cut for Region Band says that I alone am a dedicated and talented musician. Nobody saw me practice that one night at seven o’ clock in the morning. That music sheet turned into a musical piece that fluently expressed what I desired more than anyone else competing against me for my position in making the cut. The day came to perform that piece of paper in front of judges, hidden behind a black screen, while the viewers had an intention to stare me down, trying to spot any imperfection on the quality of the piece. I gave it my all, every ounce of my determination spewing out of each note of every song. When it was all over, I felt that I made the cut, I just knew it. Later on, my friends ran up to me and shouted that I made the cut – I was the last one to make it. I met my goal, and obtained recognition from my friends. But what struck me most of all, was the lesson I learned – when I take pride in my work, I can open up many doors of opportunities.

In my leisure time, most people would study play video games, or simply watch television. I work hard during my free time; making my own music, playing what I feel real music needs to sound like when I am listening to a radio. I get no recognition, because nobody else on this earth has the same opinion and feel for music the way I do. I listen to unique songs, and try to play back something I had just listened to, but with added emotion and rhythm performed by myself, and only myself. One day, I just might be that next artist recording my own music for people to listen to and think differently. Through my songs, I can express how I feel in the language of music – expressing feelings that are uniquely mine. I can now make music to reflect what I feel like during the day. The benefits of producing my own music are far reaching. These benefits seep into numerous areas of my life by helping me keep myself in an upbeat and creative tempo throughout the day. The benefits of being mentally creative and upbeat affect almost every single aspect of my life from school to weight lifting thereby increasing my self confidence. I feel this aspect of my life directly follows my belief system showing that when I take pride in my work new opportunities will follow.

I don’t get paid to do my homework, or study when I could be watching TV or playing with friends, but I know that one day, the pride I put in will pay off. The people reading my application for entrance into college don’t care who I am, they see me as another piece of paper. They don’t see me studying or practicing, they see my outcome as a student, through my grades alone. That aspect drives me to work harder and obtain the key to open doors into colleges I had never thought of entering.

My upbeat tempo leads me to succeed in studying long hours, and even writing essays that seem impossible to carry on. These intertwined links between music and school allow me to push myself even harder in both areas rather than apart. I have the key to unlock various pathways, and achieved a sense of pride among my life.