Good From Bad

Connor - West Lawn, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Until recently, I always thought bad things meant bad news which meant bad outcomes. But after my life changing event occurred, I no longer do. This I believe. I believe that even in the darkest of times, light can emerge at the end.

Earlier this year, many different bad things were happening to me; I lost my job, I was going broke, and I was struggling in school. It seemed like I was falling down a long, dark tunnel with no end. When I thought I was nearing the end of my tunnel, in actuality, the longest part had yet to come.

I found out my mother had breast cancer because I overheard her crying in her room. I knew this was going to change her life, as well as our whole family’s. Yet, her cancer is the inspiration for this story.

I learned so much from her ordeal that I never had knowledge of before. I felt feelings I never knew I could feel. I cried harder than I thought anyone could. I learned from my mom that anything is possible. I learned the power of family can heal even the deepest of wounds. That the coming together of people for a common cause always wins out in the end. A good laugh can cure just about anything. And most of all, I learned that a positive attitude and willpower can surmount anything that stands in its way.

All of these wonderful new emotions and feelings and insights have led me to a new life. I see huge challenges as minor, I have a fresh look at life and how beautiful and what a blessing it really is, and most importantly, all bad things have a source of good.

So after falling down that never-ending, lightless tunnel, I emerge on the other side. I emerge on this side better than before. This side aglow with all the goodness that stems from life. If all I tell you in this essay is one thing, I want it to be this. Never give up hope, because all bad things lead to good.