Miracle Or Coincidence

Natiely - Fontana, California
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

While I was planning my final prom for my senior year in high school, I had a complete turn around in the way I believed in a particular subject: God. Throughout many years I attended church frequently, and was even a choir girl for years. Being there I heard many testimonies of people who had miracles happen to them, signs from Him, dreams or something that would make them say “It’s God”. I stopped going to church for awhile not intentionally it just happened. I would ask myself is He still there for me? Does he even exist? Now with more faith than ever, I believe God does exist and is capable of everything.

My boyfriend had to go pick up his tux one day before prom. My mom gave us a ride with the condition we had to come back on the bus because she had errands to run. So we went, he tried it on, he paid and we were out of there. As we were walking out, we realized we didn’t have enough money to pay for the bus. We needed three dollars and fifty cents each to get on the bus, he had a couple of cents, I had a dollar.

We started walking down the street trying to figure out how we wore going to get home. Walking home was automatically a no since it was about a thirty mile distance. We kept walking in silence not knowing what to do, when right in front of me a one dollar bill flies by. I look at my boyfriend but he’s not looking back at me. He starts

running towards something that I can’t distinguish .As he raises it in the air, it is a five dollar bill. With the five dollars he found, the dollar I found, and the dollar I already had, we had a total of seven dollars. I’m not a mathematician but I realized in an instant that we had the perfect amount for both of us to get home.

I know most people will think its just coincidence. I know it’s not just a coincidence that money just seemed to be flying by and it was the exact amount of money we needed. It was that sign, that miracle that I had longed for. To me it was God who put the money there. He is the only one that is capable of doing such things. Nobody was around us either, so who’s pocket did it fall out of?

Despite what many people tell me when I tell them my story, no one can come up with any other answer that will change my mind. My faith has obviously grown since then. Since He helped me out in my time of need, I am trying to repay him by being a loyal Roman Catholic. One that knows her religion and practices it right. An act of God or just simply coincidence? For me it was most definitely an act of God.