carrying my stone

Zacariaz - ft collins, Colorado
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It seems to me that all I hear now is that I have to work the hardest and get the best grades and push myself to the limit or I am going to end up a bum and basically fail at life itself. That really frustrates me and puts a burden on my shoulders and the only thing that I can do to relieve a tiny bit of that frustration is do some thing that makes me feel that I am not focusing or worrying about my seemingly cloudy future.

I believe in doing what makes you feel good. that is really all that matters in life to me because if we didn’t do stuff that makes us happy, we would just be little balls of depression that mope around feeling sad about how much work we have to do. Some of the things I have picked up over the years that make me feel good are art and skateboarding.

When I paint or draw or do any sort of art, all of my feelings and moods come out and on to whatever I’m doing. That makes me feel cleansed and like I can kind of have a clean slate for a couple of minutes. I guess that’s sort of nice to have a couple minutes of complete peace to myself.

I have been skateboarding since I was 8 and really if you think of it, I haven’t skipped a day. I have always found someway whether it be squeegying or skating in my basement to support my addiction to this dangerous hobby. I think one of the only reasons why I keep such a positive mental attitude while not paying attention or giving any thought to my surroundings is because I am truly made happy by skateboarding. When I skate, I try to put my innermost aggression to good use while at the same time getting rid of it. I use my aggression to push myself.

I believe in doing what makes you feel good. When you have something that makes you happy, you should try to do that thing, whether it be making music or boating, . It is truly unbelievable what good you can do for yourself and others with such a small hobby. If something truly makes you happy, grow your plants, listen to your music, and drive your car over the speed limit, do it.