I Am My Own Religion

Cassandra - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“You are what you believe in.” I am a person who believes that is true. I know that I am someone that is not with any particular religion. When I was a baby I was baptized Catholic. I have attended a Catholic Church as well as a Christian church before, but have not stuck to either one. The times I went to either of the churches it was with a friend and their family, not my own. I am one who does not feel the need to have to go to church every Sunday in order for God to love me or accept me for who I am and what I do. I will try it out, but I still do not feel as though it is my cup of tea. I can admit that I am not very passionate about religion or any specific religion. I do get pretty tired hearing and seeing other people try and sway you into something you do not really want to be a part of, and yet they make others feel as though they have just committed a crime. I guess that is one reason for why I am not very passionate about any specific religion in any way, shape, or form.

The way I view religion is that each person is really their own religion and most, if not all, just do not realize it or have looked at religion the same way I view religion. It is part of “my religion” to believe everyone is their own unique religion. I believe one definition of religion is “something one believes in and follows” and I believe it is within me to be more of the leader versus the follower; I do view those who are with a specific religion as followers and not leaders. They do try and swamp whoever in the economy into being Muslim or Jewish or any other religion and to be just like them. To be more of a leader was something I was raised on and it is something that I believe suits me and my personality.

As a person letting others know how I feel when it comes to religion, I am not trying to say that religion is bad or that religion is good nor am I saying that people should view religion the way I view it. I am simply putting out there what I believe in when it comes towards the subject of religion. Stay true to yourself and respect others as well as their beliefs. Respect one another. No one should be peer pressured into a religion. I am sure that a Catholic family would not appreciate a Mormon forcing the Mormon religion onto their already Catholic child. I do feel as though the younger you are, the easier to fetch and I am sure most would view it the same way as well.