What should I believe?

Brett - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The question is…what do I really believe? What am I going to do tomorrow? Should I volunteer somewhere, or should I work? Am I going to vote? I should, shouldn’t I? Will it really make a difference? Am I that ignorant, or am I jaded? What will Obama do for us? Will he instill balance and justice in the system of America, or will it be another presidency with false hope? Will I continue to starve in order to pay for gasoline, or will we explore a new way to fuel ourselves? Will my words fall between the cracks, or will they inflate into a revolution? Is God really there, or is he lost in text? Will that hadron collider thing kill us all, or discover a whole new perspective on science? Will I make a difference? Does the world really hate each other that much, or are we stubborn? Is religion worth killing over, or are we just over-opinionated? Isn’t it all about love, or is it about greed? How many people will there be on this planet in 20 years, or will there be a planet anymore? Were the Mayans right about an apocalypse in 2012? Should marriage be a sacred union between a man and a woman, or should we update that a bit for everyone to love each other? Is abortion up to the mother, or is it murder? What can I do to help? Will I have kids, or will this world be too corrupt to raise innocent minds? Should I eat more vitamin tablets, or should I eat more vegetables? Should I be an artist, or a politician? Should I buy a hybrid, or invest in a bus pass? Should I donate some money to South America, or will it only end up in the wrong hands? When I buy a house, should it be in the inner city in order to build a community with the poor, or flee to the suburbs in quiet tranquility and safety? Am I capable of being a leader, or a lemming? What should I do? What do I believe? What is there to believe in? I believe in America.