I Believe

Isabela - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community

When I wake up for school, I am usually extremely fatigued. I do not want to get out of bed, take a shower, and apply all my makeup. I’m sure most kids here in Pine-Richland High school would love to come to school in their pajamas. I know i would love it! That is why i believe that Pine-Richland High School should wear uniforms.

As a teenage girl, i love to look appealing. Every day i take a shower, put on a super cute dress, or a shirt and put on all of my makeup. Although, i have curly hair which is easy for me to handle, all i have to do is take a shower and put stuff in it. I know all of my friends have much more of a hassle, they take showers, blow dry their hair, and straighten it every day. Us girls already have too much to handle, so we might as well have uniforms so we do not have to worry about looking good.

Another adequate reason to wear uniforms is so parents do not have to spend so much money on high quality clothes. For example, many girls in my grade wear plenty of Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, and they have Coach purses, Marc Jacob wristlets, Lucky jewelry, and True Religion Jeans. All of Pine-Richland is high quality. Many of the so-called “cool” girls wear this. If we all wore uniforms, we would not have to worry about being “cool”. We also would not have to spend so much money; we could make a better use of it and save it in the bank for college funds.

I have had this belief for many years; it formed when i was in sixth grade. Sixth grade for me was a hard year, I was struggling to be in the “popular” group, and all they wore was Abercrombie. My parents spent millions of dollars on my clothes, but now i ask myself, for what? Girls ought to think of the important aspects of life, I mean being “cool” is a great thing, but having great, trustworthy friends is the most important gift one could have. Having cool clothes is not going to buy your friends. That is why uniforms would make such a difference in Pine-Richland. No one would judge each-other based on their looks. The most popular girl in school, and the smart nerdy girl would be wearing the same thing. This comparison reminds me of my social studies article that I am reading. “Everyone and Everything should be equal” is a line in the article. Although I know I am very different from everyone, uniforms would express equality. I would be perfect for our school.