Being Adopted

Hope - Clayton, Georgia
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In 1989 many different people in America were waiting to adopt children. All their names were on a very long list. Some people on that list had been waiting ten years or more. My parent’s were also on that list. My mother, like many other unfortunate women, was unable on have a child. There was one child who needed their love desperately.

I was born in Thompson, Georgia on September 22, 1992. My biological mother hadn’t taken care of herself during her pregnancy, and as a result I was born with weak lungs. My biological mother enjoyed drinking and partying, and did this almost every night. I was dropped off at various people’s houses. My biological Grandmother was unsure of what to do. She had my biological mother late in life, and as a contrast my biological mother had me early in life. My biological mother was in her twenties and my biological grandmother was in her seventies. She was very afraid that the social services would take me away, and throw me into a life of foster care. Her family had not had the best life, and she wanted better for me. She called one of her friends, a doctor, and asked for him to help find me a home.

On August 11th, 1993, my parents received a very important phone call. The very same doctor that promised my biological grandmother he would find me a good home, asked my parents if they were willing to adopt a little girl. My parents were overjoyed. On August 31st, I was theirs.

My biological grandmother left me two things. One was a golden five dollar coin necklace. It’s not exactly something you’d find in Vogue, but it’s close to my heart. She asked it to be given to me on my sixteenth birthday. The other thing she gave me was a home. I have parents who love me and would never do me harm in anyways. I can’t help but be thankful everyday for the things they give.

In this country, there are many children who wish to be adopted. They live in either unstable homes or foster care. These children want nothing more than parents who want to care for them. I believe that every child deserves a home.