This I believe

Olusegun - New York, New York
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in sriying hard to achieve success. What is being successful? Is it just having wealth or riches? A successful person who has worked hard and achieved a goal. I felt growing up I had to work hard everyday, thus leading to coming to the United States. Times occured in my life as I grew up, that I thought would I able to succeed in this economy?In Africa, life is more cruel and it’s harder to achieve your goal.

My family has been my inspiration. Because of them, I am able to cope and survive in this changing world. Success doesn’t come easy, but I am able to focus on my goals which was what I came to do when I arrived in the United States. I longed for NYC ever since I was in West Africa. Throughout my time in NYC I have met Chinese, Arabs, Hispanics, Spanish, Europeans, and Americans. With the recent economy downturn, success is now turning out to be a difficult issue.

Over the years in NYC, I have been able to seek advice from my friends. I know it is difficult to trust everybody but I usually go by my instincts. The shaping of my life has turned out to be a time worth referring to. At times, my beliefs had been challenged. That is, cases where it was difficult to comprehend. I do have a tendency to cope even though it may be tough.

I always think positive when I make decisions. Regardless of circumstances, I strive at whatever I do. Goals can be considered as a decision that is difficult to achieve. Sometimes I think about a good education. I usually like it when I meet someone who has a good positive atitude. I also like to talk to someone who is friendly or outgoing.

Sooner or later I will go back to Nigeria, West Africa and revisit the place. I am very optimistic, thus making me look to the future with a positive atitude. My feelings differ or vary ever since I came to the United States. I look forward to a bright future and an exciting experience in NYC. The United States seems to be a more challenging country but I know I will survive the ordeal. My quote is, “never say quit”.