Living For the Present: My Lifes Philosophy

Justin - Issaquah, Washington
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Justin Yantus

5/6 prd.


Living For the Present: My Life’s Philosophy

My personal philosophy is to live for the present. It is to live for what is happening at the very moment, and for nothing else. For example, why would you do something boring, when you could be doing something much more interesting at that moment? I’ve tried quite a few different philosophies to work with, and I’ll you show a couple reasons why I came to this as my personal philosophy.

First, I tried hanging on to the past for things. It was horrible, especially when I moved to the Highlands. When I first moved here, I still did a lot of skateboarding on flat ground that I used to do when I lived back in Michigan, something that didn’t make sense to do be doing here. Also, people here were different, and thus they did much different things, unlike my friends back home. Instead of trying to change though, I still kept trying to hold on to the things I used to do; I was clinging to the past. Over time, the things I did became less and less reasonable in places where landscape, weather and people were that much different. So I tried to do something else.

This time, I tried to think about what was about to come, so I could get my problems out of the way and be over with them. My mom thought that was a good idea, especially with homework and other work. This philosophy ended much faster than the previous philosophy I had. When you try to think about the future, and tried to get things out of the way all at once, things become scary. The work keeps piling on, and you are endlessly working, just hoping for it to end. I can tell you right now, the work NEVER EVER ENDS!!! Finally, whenever you think you’re done, whenever a slight possibility of light appears in your life, you end up thinking even harder and something else will appear for you to do. I turns out that your brain develops a mechanism for working against you. So I ended up with this next philosophy, and I enjoy this one. I think I will stick with this one for the rest of my life.

I came to the philosophy for living in the present. I came up with this philosophy to answer a question- what would you do if you could only live for one day? This has worked well for me so far. I get a reasonable amount of work done, and I get a very reasonable amount of time outside to do whatever I want. It’s kind of like the camel driver from The Alchemist who only lives for the present. His life seems to be running well, and so is mine. I have just started doing this philosophy, but maybe it will backfire on me in the long run, although I doubt it.