Dear America

Christian - Acworth, Georgia
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

November 4, 2008

Dear America,

I believe that today does not mark the end of conservatism in the Untied States. The country has not repudiated the traditional principles that have guided this nation for decades—it simply disapproves of faux conservative stances displayed by Republican icons. President Bush has not held steadfast to the Republican base of frugal spending and low taxes. President Bush has not represented the ideas of the conservative base on immigration or government interference with the private sector. President Bush has done good things while in office such as initiating the war on terrorism; however, he has not followed through on many of his conservative promises. The citizens of the United States are still a center-right people and will remain so, so long as we do not allow the far-left mindset of socialistic Europe and President Barack Obama to penetrate our way of life. This theory is proven through the fact that Obama, since being rated the most liberal US senator, has moved to the center of most issues—he has falsely become the champion of tax “cuts”, the advocate of life, and the opponent of earmarks. He has campaigned for president in an opposite manner than he did the Illinois senate. He has re-defined “tax cut” to mean welfare check. He has threatened capitalism with socialism and yet still manages to present himself as a “moderate” to the American electorate.

America was given the opportunity today to vote for the better of two bad candidates and miserably failed to do so. Americans have historically stood for lowering taxes, reducing spending, promoting capitalism and democracy, fighting evil, and protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Today we have taken a step back from those principles largely due to a façade put up by a politician—that is all Barack Obama is—a politician.

In the end, I believe those of us that are not as idealistic as Obama supporters can utilize what he advocates, and hope that Obama’s cabinet, the Congress, and the check and balance system of the Untied States can prevail against the radical ideas Obama used to represent. We can hope that he realizes that the moderate stance he falsely portrays in Dothan, Alabama serves as a better foundation for America than the extreme liberal stance he preaches in San Francisco, California. We can hope too that the conservative base of the Republican Party is better represented by political figures and practices what it advocates in the future—for it is certain that, if done right, the results will be appreciated by the vast majority of Americans.

I will conclude by congratulating Senator Obama on his victory—a victory gained by the mischaracterization of himself. Conservatives will get back to their roots and be stronger in the congressional elections of 2010 and presidential election of 2012. By that point in the future, America will be hoping for a different type of change.


Christian Neri