I believe conflict is an opportunity for positive growth

Shedrick - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on November 9, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

As a young student of engineering I loved working with children. So I took classes in elementary education to explore the possibility of teaching. I read the book Teacher Effectiveness Training and was hooked by what Gordon called the Scientific Problem solving process. I became a teacher in the Peace Corps and used the methods in my classes and taught the skills to my students. Because of my experiences teaching in Ghana where Problem solving is an art form I became a mediator, team builder, and a trainer in Conflict Resolution. I believe teaching children conflict resolution skills makes the classroom, school, and community safe both emotionally and physically.

I belive what Community Boards of San Fransico says, “The ability to express and resolve one’s conflicts is not simply a matter of persoonal power or increased understanding and appreciation of differences. It can also be sen as a responsibility inherent in citizenship in a democratic society. The work of prevention and early intevention in conflicts, before they escalate to violence, is incumbent upon members of a community.”

I believe school should give a higher priority to teaching conflict resolution skills, or as Gordon calls it Scientific Problem Solving skills as early and as often as possible.